Founded in 1992, CyberSolutions, Inc. was created to bring clients the benefits that come from more than 20 years experience with large organizations such as Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm and IBM, as well as smaller, rapid growth companies like Emaimai, Commerce5/ChannelWave, Cinebase, BroadStream, and Gunnar Optiks. The company's current focus is primarily on ecommerce strategies, online marketing programs, product launches and international expansion.

These benefits -- which include a broad range of technology and marketing skills and knowledge, backed by extensive marketplace experience -- combine to make CyberSolutions a uniquely capable, highly-versatile consulting firm, with the "know-how" required to market products effectively in light of market-specific challenges, organizational complexities, or budget constraints.

CyberSolutions, Inc. is led by Lance Hoffman who has a deep and wide range of experiences to meet the needs of many companies and organizations. Where appropriate, CyberSolutions calls on its diverse network of other consultants to expand its capabilities and breadth of services.

CyberSolutions, Inc. is located in Southern California, and is available to service clients worldwide.