Online Marketing

CyberSolutions offers a wide breadth of online marketing planning and strategies including email marketing, site optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), viral marketing, web analytics, A/B multi-variate testing, and Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE).


Our services include online store strategy and analysis including shopper experience, site functionality, industry best practices, modes of payment, payment gateways, integrations, catalog and content management, logistics, call center services, inventory liquidation and leveraging complementary third party solutions.

Marketing Services

CyberSolutions is available to fill many marketing functions within most any high-tech company. Based on many years of experience in marketing a broad range of products and services in many different environments, CyberSolutions has a proven record of success. By using a realistic, results-oriented approach CyberSolutions can create marketing and product plans, and execute those plans in a timely and professional manner. CyberSolutions' principal, Lance Hoffman has held several VP Marketing and Product Management positions in areas that include digital media, Internet technologies, database technologies and performance management tools.

Product Marketing

CyberSolutions can aid with all aspects of the product marketing function, expertly executing everything from pricing, forecasting, and budgeting to orchestrating product launches, creating collateral, determining and developing an appropriate web presence, and handling third-party relationships. Whether you’re dealing with a traditional shrink-wrapped consumer product, a specialized corporate software solution, or Internet goods and services, CyberSolutions has the experience and "know-how" to bring it to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Product Management

Bringing a product to market involves group coordination, solid teamwork, collaborative tools, a common goal, diplomacy and a clear, overall understanding of the product and its complexities. After helping to bring more than 50 products to market, CyberSolutions has gained a great understanding of the complexities and nuances this task entails. Our experience in managing engineering schedules, product positions and pricing, collateral creation, third-party relationships, royalty and licensing arrangements, documentation processes, Quality Assurance test cycles and sales training is just a fraction of the skill set that enables CyberSolutions to offer the highest quality product management services.